Snort snort.

This is absolutely adorbz! The fire starters really have been consistently the cutest (and most awesome later on) of all the starters in just about every generation and little Pokabu there on the left has been growing considerably on me since the first time I saw him.

You know what? Forget the whole I’m-a-water-trainer-so-I-have-to-start-with-a-water-Pokémon thing I fastidiously force myself to adhere to with every (increasingly uglier) generation, especially considering the grossness that is this generation’s water. Come Release Day, I’m gonna grab me some Pumbaa!


One thought on “Snort snort.

  1. cheng wei says:

    blog about digimon also leh. i want to know when is the release date for the awesomeness that is digimon: lost evolution waiting to be released on the nds.

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