Pokémon = Digimon?

While there have been a few pretty cool Pokémon designs leaked so far for Pokémon Black/White, I think the prevalent impression of this new batch is that they seem very Digimon-ish (i.e. ugly and unpolished), especially when compared to previous generations. Sure, some people have come out to say that that’s what people say about leaked Pokémon every generation but, while I’ve called several leaked designs in the past ugly, I don’t think I’ve ever really compared them specifically to the Digimon aesthetic, something I’ve done pretty much this entire time around.

The new legendary Nintendo just spoiled probably won’t help.

I assume this new dude, Victini, is going to be in the same 600-overall-stat-points, 100-to-each-stat range as Mew, Serebii, Jirachi and Shaymin. While I don’t think Victini is the ugliest of the lot (that dubious honour goes to Jirachi), I would say he looks pretty uninspired, totally like just some random normal-type Pokémon (instead of a legendary) and, yes, very Digimon-ish. Meh.


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