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I know I’ve been flooding this blog with updates regarding the new Pokémon Black and White ad nauseum and it seems like it’s the only upcoming game I care about, but there’re actually several titles coming out soon that have got me all excited (B/W is definitely top of the list, though). Hit the jump link to see what’re some upcoming fare that’ve got the gamer in me salivating!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

I’ve always been a huge fan of the MvC series because it always served up immense arcade fun (who cares if the fighting mechanics aren’t as deep as, say, Virtua Fighter?) and an insane roster of characters and this time around it looks no different. The series has been spruced up with beautiful 2D graphics, snazzy moves and a whole new slew of fanboy-servicing choices like Super Skrull and Amaterasu (as in, that wolf from Okami!). I mean, come on, a wolf! How can this game not rock?

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

I have to be honest: I’ve never been that great of a fan of the Spiderman console games, no matter how great the reviews about them were (and some of the reviews are pretty awesome indeed). I’ve just never found that particular brand of open-ended exploration, web-slinging and beat-em’-up action very engaging. This time around, though, this one looks different.

The game is set in four different dimensions (with four different Spiderman costumes and styles) and they’re not just some new, random dimensions that the gamemakers created for marketing purposes. They’re actual dimensions set in the Marvel Universe! It’s so awesome to see the different Spidermen and the different artistic styles of different segments in the game. If I’m not wrong, none of the alternate versions of Spiderman have ever made it into a game before. I can’t wait to be Spiderman 2099 (whose comic series I followed briefly all those years back) and Spiderman Noir looks totally cool.

DC Universe Online

This one has been a long time coming and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only geek out there who’s wetting his pants in anticipation of the arrival of this MMORPG. True, fantasy gamers have their MMO fix in the billions of free MMOs out there (most of dubious quality), Guild Wars (which I personally love the most), Final Fantasy XI and, of course, the ubiquitous World of Warcraft, science fiction and comic fanboys have had a less priveleged time, with the only decent MMO being the by-now-dated City of Heroes and its expansion, City of Villains.

Not only does this game allow fans to create their own superheroes (or villains) a la the above-mentioned duo, it actually places them in an established comics universe, with landmarks, famous characters and all. Granted, I would have preferred Marvel Universe Online (because that’s what I grew up reading) but, c’mon, how often do you get a chance to fight alongside (or against) the most famous threesome in history – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman?! Plus, since it’s been in development for about a gazillion years, it’ll hopefully be of good quality and so far, the trailers have been pretty awesome. The artwork is totally sweet.

If you’re still not convinced (and shame on you for not having a childhood if you still aren’t), check this out:


And for all those of you who think I’m just being a total comic geek and that all my games-to-watch are comics-centric…well…you’d be right. But, as an icing to my cake of nerddom, here’s an upcoming game I’m also very excited about that doesn’t feature heroes in tights (although I’m pretty sure there’s still a copious amount of spandex):

STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN! Yup, that’s right, arguably two of the biggest names in console fighting games nowadays are teaming up to present a brawl-de-force! I still can’t believe this is happening (since both series have been vying for buyers’ dough for ages and I never expected them to release a combined effort) but apparently it’s been announced and, as you can see from the picture above, the game will feature the quirky, faux-3D art of the seminal Street Fighter 4. Awesomeness, y/y?


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