We’re on the (Over)world map again!

Woke up this morning and switched on my RSS feed aggregator to see that Singapore has been featured in not one, but two international gaming-related blog/websites while I was sleeping! Both Geekologie and Kotaku talked about Singapore’s Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty launch and the dude who was first in line and wept like a baby upon getting it.

Love the guy on the right who’s all, like, “HAHAHA. Check out this joker!”

So, ok, firstly, must have been a really slow news night. Wasn’t there some other even slightly more interesting SCII launch news from anywhere else in the world? Some fist-fighting to be the first in line? Some gamer girl¬†dressed up as a Terran troop? Some creepy waytoogeek cosplaying as a Zerg hydralisk?

Secondly, DUDE. Get. A. Grip. I know it’s SCII and it’s been a billion years in the making but seriously. You’re diminishing the Singapore gamers’ cred.

And lastly? HOW EXCITED AM I TO GET A COPY MYSELF?! Refused to get in line during launch (of course, there’s also the fact that I didn’t have a single clue when/where the launch was until after it happened) and I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna go all Korean tearjerker after laying my hands on the disc but I’m still pretty excited all the same.

I can’t wait to be a (wait for it) Wong of Liberty! Heh. Wow that’s cheesy.


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