Thanks to the advent of computers, handphones (with advanced organiser features) and even the small, portable pen-and-paper planner (which is my personal fave), wall calendars have, I think, ceased to have much of a date-keeping function. Still, they can make for awesome decorations assuming you find a nice one and they could serve as occasional eye-checks for people to lazy to look at their date-displaying watches. The following are some pretty nifty calendars:

This one actually has dates on individual pieces of paper and, as the day passes and the seconds tick by, the paper is slowly lowered into the shredder at the bottom of the box. While I think it’s kinda creepy to have this box on the wall with a long, always-moving-slowly trail of shreds hanging out of it like entrails, the idea that it represents – that time, once gone, will never come back – is pretty motivational, if cheesy.

Being a total numbnut at science, I have no idea how the mechanics for this one works but it’s a totally cool concept. The ink bottle on the wall actually contains real ink and, as the day passes, the ink slowly spreads to the number of the day, showing not only the date but acting as a sort of rudimentary clock as well (same with the previous shredder one).

For more interesting calendars, check this out.


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