Federer’s US Open tweener.

While the authenticity of Federer’s astounding serves in a recent Gillette ad have been heavily disputed (with many pros weighing in that it would be impossible, even for Fed), the current World #2 proved in his opening match at this year’s US Open that, special effects or not, he is still capable of cranking out insane shots.

The tweener is actually one of his trademark shots and, as you can see from the end of the video, he pulled off a very similar shot last year in the US Open semifinal against Novak Djokovic (although it has been stated that the one he did last night was even more technically proficient due to the amount of distance he had to cover).

Since this one was live (and you can see his opponent’s bemused/resigned reaction shot), it’s definitely real and, considering the speed and accuracy of the shot (landing just within the boundary) and sheer incredulity of the shot, was no doubt the point of the first round.

And he pulled it off within even looking. I can’t even do that while staring right at the ball.


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