Reality singing competitions (especially those that involve some sort of group dynamic) are usually fertile ground for drama and backstage cat fighting. This following one though, from The X Factor UK’s latest season, just about takes the cake (and it’s on stage too). Watch the entire video, all the way till the end…

…and tell me that wasn’t the most awkward, insanely dramatic audition you’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s so over-the-top ridiculous, I would have thought they were professional actors hired to create some excitement. And to think when they first started they seemed like chatty and babbly but kinda hilarious and endearing girls. Boy, did that change fast.

To quote my friend Nessi, “the dark haired one wasnt rude right… then she punched the other girl”. BOOMZ. And the “sorry but who are you?” at Natalie Imbruglia (my hugest celeb crush, btw) was even more BOOMZ (in fact the entire thing was just filled with BOOMZ-tastic moments. “Yeah, where’s the music?”).

Plus, I dare you to tell me they didn’t remind you of them:

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