iWant. iQueue. iGet!

Guess what I got…

Hit the break for my tl;dr post about my arduous journey to get my iPhone 4.

On the 2nd of September, my phone contract finally hit its first year mark and I was eligible for recontracting (with a penalty of an additional S$100 to whatever phone I wanted to get).

Unfortunately, when I went down to Singtel to sign up for my copy of the iPhone 4 (which I’ve been eye-ing for quite a while and the phone plan for which would, even after the S$100 penalty, still be cheaper over the next year than my current, incredibly expensive Blackberry price plan), they told me that they had stopped taking reservations on the 1st (late by one day!) and that I could just walk in from 9th September onwards to get it on the spot.

So, trudging back on the 9th two minutes before the opening of the Hello! store at Westmall, I was dismayed to find out that they were already out of stock! Even before the doors had opened! Cheezed off at the insane lack of stock (I wonder why they even ran so many radio ads telling people to walk in and buy since that was just going to garner a lot of disappointed and angry potential customers like me), I nonetheless returned on Saturday, 11th, this time at a whopping 8am!

Ok, so I actually got Rhonda to queue for me at 8am and I arrived at 8.30am but I did provide breakfast and cab fare to reimburse her for her time!

Finally, after for two and a half hours under the sweltering sun, I got the voucher that guaranteed me a copy of the phone and, at 10.30am (half an hour earlier than stated), the store opened and I headed in and, within five minutes, walked out with my brand new iPhone 4! After that, I promptly went to get it screen-protected (with a matt protector that somehow doesn’t feel as nice as the one I got for my iTouch) and encased.

Alas, I’ve been spending the last few days since then mugging my eyes out for my mid-terms this week (and will continue to do so for the rest of the week) so I haven’t had time to really really play with it but I’ve already uploaded the apps I would most use with it and, being all OCD, organised everything neatly and in order of function and frequency of use.

Woo! My Apple fanboyness is now complete. Goodbye, BB Bold! You were an awesome phone but it just wasn’t working out between us. I have more uses for an apple than a berry.


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