New Pokémon, fully spoiled.

The entire set of new Pokémon for the upcoming Pokémon Black/White has been released! Click for full size.

TL;DR preliminary thoughts after the break

-There is a freak load of new Pokémon

-As thought, the new designs are all very Digimon-ish. Still, though, several of them are better than I expected (if a bit hard to differentiate from each other at first glance).

-The legendaries (last two columns) are decidedly unlegendary looking. Very unepic. They just look as weird as the normal ones.

-Ew, they really went with the final evolutions for the starters (first column) that were spoilt a couple of weeks ago. So disappointing. Some of the other fan-made ones looked so much better.

-The fluffy dog series (second column, after the crazy chipmunks i.e. my new favourites) looks awesomely cute. And based on their stats, it looks like that’s the new Slaking series (cute normal-types that are insanely powerful at final stage).

-Several of the new Pokémon have insane attack stats! I mean, random Pokémon in the middle of the chart have like 120 attack or 130 special attack stats. And there’re several such cases! So powerful.

-The dumb pigeon line (third column) looks fawesome, even though the final evo isn’t that fierce. The basic form is super cute though.

-The electric zebra’s evolution (third column) is the fiercest horse I’ve seen in Pokémon. Take that, Rapidash!

-The flying psychic bat (which is my also my new favourite; fourth column) sadly doesn’t have such a cool looking evolution but maybe it’ll grow on me. The Hamburgar crocodile series (sixth column) has a kickass final evo though.

-ICE CREAM Pokémon! (Eight column)

-The American birdie (third column from right) has a cheesy final evolution but the basic form is cute as heck! Want.

Well, those are my preliminary thoughts for now. I’m sure my opinions will change as I get exposed to them more and after I finally get my hands on a copy of the game and start playing. For those who want to see how the stats of all the final evolutions are like, take a look here. Haven’t really had time to fully look through the list but some of them, as mentioned, look insane. Exciting times.


2 thoughts on “New Pokémon, fully spoiled.

  1. listerlegs says:

    Oh my goodness, I think I’d better pass your blog along to a friend of mine; he just spent two weeks playing Pokemon on any system he could carry around with him.

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