A couple of days ago, a trailer for a supposedly real live-action Pokémon movie went viral on the net (well, viral for fanboys and geeks the world over). It was a 30sec clip taken at a supposed secret preview screening, with a shaky, “piracy” camera.

Well, to absolutely no one’s surprise, it has been revealed to not be a real movie but a fan film and the entire three minute clip has been released on Youtube, in HD.

I love how the fan community was all like “Ew BURN THIS!” when it was reportedly going to be a real film but now that it’s been confirmed to be a fan film everyone’s like “AWESOMENESS!”. Speaks volumes about fan film expectations, doesn’t it?

To be fair, though, it is a pretty well thought out, high-budget affair. I love the dark, edgy story and tone, the drama interspersed with action scenes and, while some of the animated Pokémon look pretty ridiculous (Pikachu, in particular, looks too realistically like a rat to be anywhere near cute), some do look pretty cool (JIGGLYPUFF!)


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