I think most everyone can agree that having a printer at home is really convenient. While printing in school is way cheaper (and they do automatic double-siding!), a home printing is awesome for those times when you’re in a rush or don’t want to trudge down to school just to print a few pieces.

My main problem with home printers, though, is that they take up a lot of table space (and those who’ve been to my room know that my table isn’t exactly a mine of free space). So, either I cut my working space in half, or I store my printer somewhere else and every time I have to use it I have to lug it out, connect all the wires, print, and then store it again.

So, when I saw this design for a monitor that also prints, I was amazed by it. How has no one come up with something like this yet?

This is basically a design for a PC monitor that features a touch-screen where you can single out the part you want to print by demarcating it with your fingers and it will just print it out straight away with paper loaded into the back of the screen. No extra bulk, no taking up of more space, no wires entangling all over the place. Such a simple, elegant idea!

Alas, it’s just a design for now, although I’m really hoping someone will pick this up soon. I’d probably be getting a home PC in the next couple of years so I hope to be able to print from my monitor!

Talk about print screen, eh?



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