In 2011, I resolve to…

Some don’t make resolutions because they say that they won’t be able to follow them through, anyway. Others don’t do it because they say people become too caught up in the letter of the resolution rather than the spirit.

While I’d agree that both are valid views, my response to the former would be that resolutions, even if they aren’t followed totally, can serve as compasses to act throughout the year. After all, I’m sure most would agree that having goals are better than not having them, even if they aren’t totally fulfilled in the end, and what are resolutions but year-long goals? Resolutions require looking at what one can improve on and then actively creating a goal to reach that state of improvement, which is good motivation, no matter the final result.

As for the latter group, I’d say that, at least for me, resolutions are created not based on random targets but because of certain motivations. For example, while my target of 45 books to be read in 2010 might look arbitrary and like something I can just speed-read through for, I put it there to make sure that whatever intrinsic benefits I get from reading aren’t neglected and that I’d be sure to set aside some time for leisure throughout the year. So, even if one does end up chasing resolutions for the letter rather than the true motivation, the fact that they have completed it (or tried) would usually mean that the original intent has been, at least partially, fulfilled.

So, without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2011, several of them similar to the ones from 2010, but adjusted for inflation circumstances:

-Read 45 books (This remains the same as last year because I foresee that my workload will be slightly heavier than 2010’s, and that, since I came so close in 2010, I’ll push myself a little more this year.)
-Save $3000 (This is the same as 2010’s as well, because, at least for now, I no longer have my freelance income and am just surviving on allowance. So, this means I’ll actually have to save more than I did last year and will hopefully make me spend less recklessly.)
-Pass my IPPT (A drop from last year but I have to be realistic. No matter how fit I’ve ever been, SBJ has always been a tough hurdle for me and, even if I do get much fitter this coming year [and I plan to do so], SBJ will still be something I’ll have problems with, so I’ll just aim to pass, which is something I didn’t manage to do in 2010.)
-Do quiet time every single day, circumstances allowing
-Go for church service every single week, circumstances allowing
-Attend every single cell group meeting, circumstances allowing
-Join a ministry in church
-Bring at least three friends to church
-Run in (and complete) at least two 10km race
-Get on the Dean’s List at least once
-Stay in the second upper honours range
-Get a cumulative cap of at least 4.3 (I know I didn’t even complete last year’s goal of getting a 4.2 but I was really close so I’m putting this here to push myself further this year and study harder.)
-Go overseas for a holiday at least once
-Finish a beginner’s tennis course
-Finish an intermediate tennis course
-Finish a beginner’s Japanese language course
-Finish a beginner’s vocal training course
-Eat fast food no more than twice a month
-Exercise at least three times a week, circumstances allowing
-Get a semi-regular part-time/freelance job

-Be an understanding friend to all those around me
-Be there for anyone who needs me
-Control my anger and not react impulsively or to hurt others
-Watch my words; think before I speak
-Practise cautious spending
-Eat in moderation and healthily
-Stop procrastinating
-Be contented with what I have
-Put my best into whatever I do


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