Eeveelutions galore.

Officially, there are seven Eeveelutions (not counting Eevee itself), each in a different type. Of course, there are way more than seven types in the Pokémon world and one kindly Tumblrer (Tumbler?) has come up with awesome designs for the remaining ones.

Top row: (left to right) Normal, fighting, poison, ground, flying
Bottom row: (left to right) Bug, rock, ghost, dragon, steel

They look a tad Neopets-ish (although, to be fair, loads of the new official Pokémon designs do too) but are totally awesome all the same. I’d pick the fighting, ground and ghost ones to be on my team. The dragon’s kinda cool, too, but it looks too much like a prettier Nidorina.

So awesome.

Source: Tumblr


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