Yes, I would hold it against her. That smile, that is.

If you haven’t heard, Britney’s making yet another comeback and her latest single is already hitting the airwaves all over. If you haven’t watched the video for it yet, take a gander below:

While I won’t be going in-depth into the song itself (personally, I think it’s an okay ditty, done much better by a Youtube cover, but she sounds kinda weak and the MV is just all sorts of weird and self-glorifying).

The thing I wanted to point out was…did you notice? Go watch the video again very closely. And then pause at 2:45. And stare in horror.

If you still don’t see it, this is what you missed when you blinked…

I have no idea what kind of Photoshopping (or whatever the video equivalent is) or weird visual distortion it takes to come up with something like that. And then the editors just left it in the video. Mondo creepy.

Source: Buzzfeed


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