Going Gaga over Pokémon.

Apologies for the sudden lack of updates! Been busy with school and church stuff over the week and, for some reason, when I tried to do a post last night, I couldn’t seem to embed any of the videos I wanted to (and still can’t, apparently).

To tide you all over until I have a bit more time to figure out what’s up with the wonky embedding, here’s an awesome mashup of two things I love – Lady Gaga and Pokémon (to be more specific, it’s how Gaga would look as a Pokémon trainer sprite!):

The sprites look all kinds of awesome and encompass several of her outfits (although the Red Tribunal Ranger one she wore to one of those awards show, the one where she covered her entire face, is notably missing). The most random one is the monster in the middle, which looks more like a Pokémon than a trainer.

Source: head above water


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