Sesame Street Fighter.

For some reason, I totally thought I did a blog entry about Sesame Street Fighter, the logo of which I saw quite a while back, but a search on the blog (betcha’ didn’t notice the search box in the right sidebar, no?) yielded nada. Odd.

Anyway, so there’s this mash-up of the two awesome unrelated children’s faves (well, other than by both being children’s faves) and turns out there’s a whole series of shirts printed with no-way! amalgamations of the two series, including the following:

Bert and Ernie as Ryu and Ken, of course…

Blanka the Grouch, even more of course, and…

‘Nuff said.

For the entire series (or to get to the actual store to place an order), check out Fashionably Geek


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