Giant monster…I mean water bug.

I was just surfing the interwebz a couple of days back when I saw this fascinatingly horrifying picture…

…of a Japanese giant water bug devouring a baby turtle. I have to admit, even though I really really hate cockroaches (and this looks like one big honking roach), I had a bit of a morbid fascination with this.

Apparently it eats just about anything. Take, for example, a frog…

…very disturbing. Or, how about, I don’t know…

…a snake?

And this one has to be the most terrifying: feasting on a goldfish’s eye (although, admittedly, my grandparents all seem to love fish eyes too so maybe this not-so-little critter is on to something here).

Ok, so apparently the dude is not as big as the pictures might suggest (it’s about the size of a human palm. Still, it’s pretty freaky.

Sources: Geekosystem and Buzzfeed


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