(Re)construction under progress!

Sorry I’ve been away so long again, everyone!

I know I promised (just, like, two posts back) that I’d start regularly posting again but, as it is in most cases, life kind of took over with a whole barrage of, y’know, life. At the same time, while I was kept too busy to post regularly, I also had a little identity crisis vis-à-vis this blog.

As you might have noticed, if you’ve followed me for long enough, this blog used to be a personal my-life-as-it-happens kind of site which slowly evolved into a repository of random cool things I found on the net. While I had originally meant it to be a mix of both, it gradually became more of the latter which, let’s face it, I’ll never be as quick or as comprehensive or as persistent at blogging about as real entertainment and techie blogs are and which is basically my version of phoning it in (and also trying to draw in readers for the ad revenue, which totally failed).

So, I’ve decided to switch the focus of the blog back on to my own life and things I want to write about. While I’m still considering the type of content that I’ll be focusing on, the bulk of the posts from now on definitely won’t just be random pictures or videos from the net with single-sentence captions accompanying them.

Rather, they’ll be two-sentence captions.

Kidding! With a conscious shift in blog focus, I’d like this site to really be a place for my thoughts about events or things that happen in my life. Nothing too philosophical, too lengthy (whatever this post might lead you to think) or too deep, of course, because goodness knows I don’t have a single insightful thought running through my neural pathways but there will definitely be more input from me (which means less frequent entries as well, of course *excusesftw!*). Food reviews, for one, will feature much more, especially since I’ve left my job of more than three years blogging food entries for a local website and am free to do it for my own blog now.

So, because this is about as good a segue as I’m going to get and because I know you all are bored of so many words, here’re some random photos I took of a supper I prepared a few nights back, in all its fruity glory:

Ok so that’s about it for a (not so) little update. Do bear with me and the (probable) schizophrenic nature of this blog over the next few weeks as I attempt to inject a bit of freshness and a new voice into it and I really hope you’ll still stay around, even though the focus is different!

For those of you who frequent my site for all the random awesomeness, while I won’t be featuring them as often or as prominently here anymore (unless they’re part of a longer blog entry or feature or unless they’re really really really way too awesome to not share), don’t worry!


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