Horlick horlick!

Annnnnnndddd…I know it’s been a billion years since I’ve popped by here again. And I do apologise to all those of you who’ve been hanging on the edge of your swivel chairs waiting for me to post up my next amazing entry (Hey! You there! Stop sniggering!). Been packed the past few weeks preparing for two mid-term tests as well as working my behind off at my new job (more on that in a future entry).

So, I’m not gonna promise anything because goodness knows, after breaking so many empty promises, I actually can learn a lesson once in a while but I will definitely try to resume more slightly regular blogging over the next few days now that I’m in a slightly less busy period.

Meanwhile, here’re some pictures of McDonald’s new (well, new at the time I took the shots) Horlicks McFlurry to tide you over:

The McFlurry is actually one of my favouritest desserts ever, what with it being a combination of ice cream (my chief guilty pleasure) and Oreos (another guilty pleasure) and, at one time, awesome peppermint.

Recently, however, some of McD’s efforts at spicing up the line have been, to put it mildly, bombs. The “mudpie” flavour was literally just a McFlurry with the hot fudge sundae…fudge splashed all over it, priced at almost 50% higher. And don’t even get me started on the Strawberry Shortcake one, which was just all sorts of wrong. This new Horlicks one, though, is actually pretty good.

Unlike the others, it didn’t feel like just the usual McFlurry with some random ingredients piled on it that didn’t actually improve it much. Here, this one tastes almost totally different from the Oreo classic, the strong Horlicks flavour making for an interesting (and pretty yummy) treat.

Plus, when I went to get it (there was a one-for-one promotion!), they even gave out packs of Horlicks Malties, which I’m still saving up for a rainy (muggish) day.

Go try it now. Go!


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