I Ran SG.

I might not have written about it in quite a while but I’m actually pretty fond of taking part in the occasional running event or two (not competitively, of course, seeing as I have all the speed of a glacial flow). Although I haven’t done one in a long time (no time, too late for registration, no running buddies, expensive, other miscellaneous excuses reasons) and I missed last year’s Nike run after going for the first two (down with migraine), I forced myself to wake up at 5.30am this morning, after four hours of sleep, to take a train on a Journey to the East and join this year’s Nike run, We Run SG, at the Kallang Stadium.

Signed up with Wei Jian and, although I did see a few familiar faces from NS and uni while running through the heaving masses, I didn’t actually get to chat with or take photos with many friends, unlike the previous years.

I did get to meet up with Say Wee briefly, though, so that was pretty cool (although, given the weather at that time, it was actually more hot).

I have to say that, honestly, this year’s race was a little bit of a letdown. To be fair, it had its strengths. The registration process was a breeze, as was collection of the race pack. There were plenty of signs during the actual race, too, along with ample water points and very energetic and encouraging marshals. Plus, although the customised t-shirt (with our bib numbers printed on it) and water bottle already more than made up for the registration price, this year’s finisher gift was pretty awesome too (a far cry from the past years’ bracelets and figurines).

Can you guess what this is?

It’s a thumbdrive! It’s kinda huge, the cap is kinda hard to get off and the storage space is only 2gb (which is measly these days) but it still makes for an awesome, unexpected gift, especially since I need one right now. Boy, am I glad I decided to trudge out of bed this morning.

Having said all that, however, the route was drably planned this year, with repetitive back-and-forths on the same, long roads, very cramped running pathways (at no point during the entire run did I get to not have to weave in and out of the crowd, avoiding bumping into people and having my momentum stymied due to human blockages) as well as a disorganised bag collection system (despite the fact that I had a tag number and all, the poor fella’ behind the desk had to search for my bag for ten whole minutes).

Plus, they had this very haphazard, cramped pathway leading to the starting point that was messy and muddy, leading to this hot mess at the end of the race:

(And you should see my toenails after I took off the socks. “Barney” wouldn’t even begin to cover it.)

Still, it was a good morning run (with pretty fantastic weather) and I haven’t done such a long jog in such a long time. Felt so good. Plus, I got to witness a live proposal on stage!

I just happened to saunter past the stage area at this point after the race was over (for me) and the emcees (I think it was Utt but I couldn’t tell behind the huge shades) called this couple out, either for doing a lucky draw or collecting their prize or something. And then he said the fella’ had something to say.

And what he had to say? Was right out of a cheesy romcom flick. Something along the lines of “Baby, I’m your prize. And you’re mine. But you’re priceless.” Which was just GOLD. Alas, I couldn’t whip out my camera in time to capture the video of it. Of course, he then whipped out the ring from goodness knows where (did he run an entire 10km with it?!) and that’s when the crowd majorly escalated from excited murmurs to cheers and whoops.

The fella must have been really confident of his success rate or really desperate to pull this on his girlfriend in a so-darn-malu situation like that but congrats to them all the same (yes, she said yes, of course).

So, while the race itself had its ups and downs (although I guess I really shouldn’t complain so much, since the registration is pretty cheap and it was a pretty mega event), it definitely provided a good workout. Of course, immediately after that, Wei Jian and I had this for brunch:

Healthy huh?


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