Maniacal about pasta.

After the busy day I had (more on that in the last post), not to mention the fact that I had just showered after getting my hair cut shorn, I refused to head out for dinner and convinced my mum to order in instead. Since I’m not touching fried food till Hong Kong (because exam period has already left me so heaty), we had to settle for Pastamania (which my mum likes anyway), which I’m not totally a fan of but which I don’t abhor. Anyway, mum was paying for it.

The online ordering process was a breeze to work through (even faster than the McDonald’s one) and I placed my order within a few seconds. An annoying thing, though, is that there was supposed to be a verification email sent to me but I never got one and had to call a hotline and then got redirected to the West Coast Plaza branch to check up on my order. Plus, for the fact that my place is so near WCP, they sure took a pretty long time (about 1 hour 15 mins, if memory serves). The packaging, itself, was quite cute though.

When I saw the packaging, I was a bit disappointed. I remembered that, for a period of time, the pasta and sauce were served separately and it looked like they were back to serving it together (which would have made it all soggy and gross by the time it reached me). Upon closer inspection, I noticed the two separate…notchy thingies in the cover.

They still come separately! They’re just packed together into one package, which is kinda cute. Amazingly, despite taking so long, the sauce (gravy?) was still pretty warm.

I don’t know whether if it was just because I was hungry, but the pasta tasted way better than the usual fare I expect from Pastamania. Plus, I remembered that the last time I had it delivered, there was barely enough sauce to even cover all the pasta and it ended up tasting distinctly homemade (my version of homemade, which is a terrible standard to match). This time, however, there was so much sauce that my spaghetti (which was a deceptively filling serving) was swimming in bolognese and I even had excess after I had finished the portion! The pizza, alas, was a tad soggy by the time I got to it.

Still, this ended up being way better than any delivery from Pastamania had any right to be.

ps. This is not an advertorial for Pastamania. They genuinely seem to have improved!

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