How I met bankruptcy.

APOLOGIES FOR THE LACK OF UPDATES! I came back Hong Kong about a week back but have been sick ever since and, with different symptoms manifesting every day since, I’ve literally been too tired to even do much on the computer other than stare vegetatively at some show or other.

Look out for a huge HK post (or perhaps several smaller ones) coming soon but for now, here’s a look at why I’m so ridiculously broke this month!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom from Jipaban’s Black Friday sale – about S$43. At least S$2 cheaper than from anywhere else, with free shipping!
All those expensive entrance fees in Hong Kong, not to mention all the food and daily stuff. More on that coming soon!
My shopping haul from HK: a black Eastpak-ish backpack, a…man-tote thingy from H&M, some shirts and a cardigan from the Esprit outlet at Tung Chung, the entire range of basic polos from H&M (so much cheaper than in Singapore!), a cheap iTouch case, a Nike coin pouch, a Starbucks tumbler which I’ve been wanting to get for a while (again, cheaper than back home) and two pairs of sneakers from Crocs outlet (yes, Crocs, judge away!)
And…my most expensive load of all. An expensive Kindle case (not to mention the Kindle itself, which has been in my hands for barely a few months) and several blu-rays from the Amazon Black Friday Sale. I haven’t even paid my friend for these yet but the shipping alone looks like it’ll kill. Oh well, that’s if the fever I’m having now hasn’t had its chance by then.

Righteo, until the next time, stay tuned!


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