In 2012, I resolve (goal) to…

As I was pottering around not thinking of any resolutions busy attempting to end my year well this past week, I came across this article which highlighted the difference between goals and resolutions. Basically, goals are specific achievements/events that operationalise a target state (e.g. “I want to drop 45kg by the end of the year”) while resolutions are more permanent changes to our lifestyles that don’t stop once we reach a certain target (“I will eat greasy foods only twice a week”).

The article mentions that goals are great for causing happiness (witness my joy when I realised that I had fulfilled several of the larger goals I set for myself last year), but that they can also be easily discouraging unless the setter is able to determine which life changes should be goals and which should be resolutions. The key, apparently, is to only set goals that are attainable (which I’m apparently good at, given my track record from last year or maybe I’m just good at sandbagging). Also, they should be limited in number so as not to overwhelm or detract focus.

Thus, without further ado, here’re my (attainable, limited number of) goals and resolutions for this coming year!


1. Read at least 35 books (in 2011, I barely reached the halfway mark to my goal of 45, and this year seems like it’s going to be even busier)
2. Save at least S$3600 (it’s only S$500 more than last year, which might seem little considering I now have a semi-stable income year-round but I’m anticipating several big, unavoidable expenditures this year and hey, realism is the key word right?)
3. Pass my IPPT
4. Make sure my CAP stays at least at 4.3
5. Get on the Dean’s List at least once
6. Run in at least two 10km race
7. Bring at least two non-/pre-believing friends to church/a church event
8. Get promoted from trainee to Grade 1 therapist at work


1. Do Quiet Time every single day, circumstances allowing
2. Go for a church service every single week, circumstances allowing
3. Go for cell group every single week, circumstances allowing
4. Go for Children’s Church every single week (even weeks I’m not serving), circumstances allowing
5. Exercise at least three times a week (at least 45 minutes each time)
6. Eat fried/fast food at most twice a month

Unquantifiable general things to work on

1. Watch my anger and make sure that I walk away from situations and things that might anger me, and avoid reacting impulsively; also, to watch my words and think before I speak
2. To act/react with love and kindness to every single person that comes my way
3. To make sure that the way I live my life is a good living testimony
4. To make sure that my behaviour in private is congruent with my behaviour in public
5. To practice sound financial planning and control and to not spend impulsively
6. To stop coveting and be content with whatever I have
7. To eat healthily and in moderation

If you know of these goals and resolutions, do help me stay on track throughout the year, especially if I look like I’m going to forfeit one of them!


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