Dong dong chiang!

A thousand apologies for the lack of updates again!

Unlike previous semesters where the first few weeks were for coasting and the action (i.e. intensive readings…reading and writing) only started to pick up when tests and essays drew near, this semester has been blaring from the get-go.

I have somehow, through my infinite wisdom, managed to pick a combination of modules where I have to be studying almost every day just to keep up with the readings I need to cover before class (and not in the I’m-so-studious-and-prepared way, but more like a I-need-something-to-say-in-class-if-not-I’ll-forfeit-my-participation-points way).

Still, nonetheless, I have decided to take a break from all that studying ad nauseam to do a short(ish) (not that short after all!) post! And because I‘m kinda lazy and don’t want to write too much know you all love photos, this is going to comprised mainly of my CNY shots!


The action started on the Sunday before the first day a.k.a. CNY Eve, with reunion lunch at my maternal grams’…

The sumptuous spread whipped up by my grams’ and her domestic worker. I always love eating there!
My grams’ vegetarian dish, which has been a favourite of mine since I was a kid.
The cereal prawns the domestic worker fried (baked?). Notice something?
The little things at the sides are rabbits, quite intricately (and simply, after looking at it closely, which makes it all the more amazing) cut. Not totally appropriate for the new year but very cute, nonetheless. And as a rabbit, I’m not complaining!

The non-stop dining continued at night, at reunion dinner with my paternal grandparents’…

My (maternal) grandmother’s patented yu sheng, which she so kindly prepared for our dinner at my paternal grandparents’. This is one of the dishes that I look forward to every CNY. She’s made this into some sort of gastronomical artwork, she has, what with the high-quality ingredients (which she buys in industrial bulk) that are always generous and varied but inexplicably proportionate. Best yu sheng I get the chance to taste every single year.
On top of the incredible yu sheng, which pumped our already-filled, lunch-loaded stomachs to the brim, my grandad also went all out with the steamboat. Since he had moved to this new place a few days’ prior, we had decided to forego the usual restaurant mad rush and have steamboat instead. He seemed to have just about cleared the entire steamboat section at some supermarket.

I don’t actually have that many shots of CNY itself (which was spent at my maternal grams’), since, despite the fact that I’m such a warm, outgoing nut personality online, I’m actually pretty shy in real life and I thought it’d be kinda weird to be snapping away while entertaining relatives I don’t really know all that well. So, you don’t get any shots of people or even of the fantastic piles of snacks I was busily scarfing down but you do get a shot of one of my beautiful opening hands at what would turn out to be the main activity of the day…

Ok, so it’s not as fantastic as most hands that actually get blogged about, but this is about as good as it gets for me.

Day 2 saw my family and I once again stuffing ourselves silly, this time with my paternal side, at the Sakura buffet at Science Centre. Once again, no photos of non-close family members but here’s a shot of some of the food I took (this was actually the first time I was full after polishing off only one plate at a buffet, thanks to the excessive pigging out the past couple of days. So not worth it.)…

In my haste to post this up on Instagram and keep my phone so I don’t look like some anti-social child-of-this-generation glued to my phone that all the adults always love to complain about, I, instead of filling in the geotagging manually, tapped the first option on the list, not realising that I was declaring to the world that I was…

…in the girl’s toilet.

That night, I met up with my BBBHBs for some much-needed catch-up time (despite having spent an enjoyable supper the previous night at West Coast Park’s McDonalds with Wai and Kim commiserating about the ugly behaviours we encountered on public transport) and, of course, more food…

And finally took some shots of actual people!

With the unglam (but free!) tub that we had used to lao our yu sheng
Sans unglam tub but with uneven lighting…
And finally a shot that everyone was happy with!

Although my CNY this year felt pretty short because I only spent time at my maternal grams’ for a day (instead of the usual two) and school/work started for everyone on Wednesday, it was still a pretty awesome time of food, fun and catching up. Oh and on Friday, my cell had another yu sheng lao-ing and, while I don’t have photos of that (because how many pictures would one need of randomly coloured messes that look like a unicorn got nauseous anyway?), I do have one of the entire cell (that was present), taken with the camera perched precariously on Yi Hang’s staircase…

Ok, so this post ended up being way longer than I expected. And this is one of my first mega photo spams too! I feel like such a pro blogger now, only without the huge readership/amazing photoshopping/advertorials/comments. Still, for all the five of you who read this (and not even regularly)…


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