What I plan to spend my money on this year:

1. Apple iPad 3 (when the initial few months of mad crowds and persistent out-of-stock-ness has subsided and I find something to do with my iPad 1 – I just want the retina screen and something thinner and lighter!)

2. Blackberry Bold 9900 (or some other new fancy phone that will replace my iPhone 4 once my plan ends in June)

3. Apple iTouch (assuming I change to a Blackberry, I’d need something small to take over all those apps on my iPhone that cannot be replicated on the BB. Although I do currently have one already, it’s an old model and, on top of not having a camera and retina screen, the battery life is ridiculously bad now)

4. Sony NEX-5 (been wanting to switch to a micro 4/3s camera for quite a while now and, after scouring through several reviews, this one looks to have the best image quality – and looks pretty good too! It’s really expensive, though, and kinda low in my priority list of would-likes, so it probably won’t land up in my hands)

5. Trip to Australia (one of my besties is getting married over there so we’re flying over – and climbing a mountain – to attend her ceremony! So expensive means no ang bow for the newlyweds ok! So, since I’m there, I’m planning to go on a tour around the country with good ol’ Xiang Wei and check out prospective grad schools. This is going to be the main, confirmed, wallet hemorrhager)

6. Speaking of wallets, I’ve also been looking for one forever! I apparently have tremendously quirky tastes because, after trudging through several malls, I have yet to find one that looks sturdy but presentable, has a coin pouch and is in a price range that won’t bankrupt me and totally negate my need for one. Anyone have any suggestions?

eta. 7. I also need to get a pair of new running shoes! My current pair has seen me through several years of gymming and runs and is grossly pale brown thanks to a particular muddy race on year.

I’m pretty sure there are going to be loads of other things that will continue to fill this list. Of course, I’m not some insane spoilt impulsive (this one I totally am) brat so I’m not going to kill myself getting every single one of the above (except for the Aussie trip, which is pretty much confirmed). I’m actually quite content with what I already have (and rightly so). Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have some things to save up for, no? Or, GET SPONSORSHIP FOR WHEN/IF MY BLOG INEXPLICABLY BECOMES FAMOUS?


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