…after months of trudging through a ridiculously laborious semester, summer break is here! Summer’s pretty much a guarantee around these regions but I’m not so sure about the break, though.

Although the (pretty terrible) semester has come to a (mediocre) close, the pacing does not look like it’s letting up. In fact, between ramped-up hours at work (taking on a new client), three sessions of RT weekly, and church commitments, the only totally free day I’ll have each week (including weekends) is Wednesday. That’s even more hectic than during normal school time!

On top of that, I have to start preparing for my move in July and continue trying to get a thesis supervisor (not to mention start working on the thesis itself once I can find a supervisor willing to settle for me).

Oh, and for some reason, I’ve committed myself to this Pokémon fan fiction writing event where I have to churn out, with Wei Jian, 15000 words by early August. 15000. That’s more than a thesis. Still, this is almost by far the project I’m most excited about this break. It has fantastic timing, too, starting the day after my final exam and ending right before the next semester begins.

I’m not sure how much of a break I’ll be getting these three months but at least it won’t be unproductive! I haven’t had a single summer break that’s totally free of anything since I entered university and, much as I’d love to be able to bum around for twelve weeks, I guess this is preparation for working life.

ps. Although I do seem to be quite packed, the fact that I don’t have all that much actual studying and assignments to complete means that I get more time to read (y’know, non-academic books), catch up on my TV, play all the video games I want and, of course, blogging more! Although, judging by the needlessly ramble of this post, I’m not sure it’s something you should be terribly excited about.


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