And…it’s been another month (almost two, in fact)! Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent my days doing therapy sessions (got promoted from trainee to full therapist!), arranging moving details (including contacting the movers; am gonna start the actual packing soon) and, quite excitingly, bought a new camera!

Have been eyeing mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs) for a really long while and the moment Sony came out with their NEX-F3D, which is supposed to be one of the best (if not particularly revolutionary) in its range of MILCs and which has a 180deg swivel screen, a feature sorely lacking in such cameras), I knew I found the perfect one.

Since I got the camera (will be doing the unboxing post soon!), I’ve been trying to figure how to actually use it (total photography noob here) and also tried my hand at a little photoshopping (which I’m admittedly also terribly noob-ish at). To end off this post, here are some of my test shots of a basket of hair-raisingly-sour strawberries (click for larger-sized views!):

The original jpeg file.
After playing around with the contrast and brightness. Is it too bright?
My attempt to create my own Signature Look that all the top bloggers have. How how?

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