Potty charger.

I like my HTC One X, I really do. It does have its problems, though, and one of the major ones is its lack of battery life. Thanks to the huge screen (even at lowest brightness), the battery runs out at an alarming rate, even though I’ve cut down on my usage, especially when compared to the iPhone 4, on which I tweeted, Facebooked, Instagrammed and Tiny Towered at what most would call an unhealthy rate but whose battery still managed to last the day most of the time.

So I scoured the PC Show and shops in malls before finally deciding that the best value for portable chargers was on GMarket (now known as Qoo10) and I placed what is only my second order from that site in my life!

Two days ago, it arrived!*

Well technically, it arrived a few days before but, of course, it was the one day I wasn’t at home to sign for it and I had to collect it from the post office.

This is what’s inside the package: the charger, a bright yellow cable for use with Apple products and the assortment of charger heads.

One thing I don’t like about the charger is that it has a very glossy, very fingerprint-prone casing but that’s what you get for getting it cheap.

The huge collection of adapter heads, which I’m quite impressed by. They looked rickety in the pictures but when I plugged them in, they held very steadily and firmly.

It’s not the smallest charger around but that goes for its charge capacity as well (5000mah, which apparently will serve all my charging needs, although I was initially aiming for one even larger). It’s amazingly light, though! I was quite surprised by its featherweight.

Now, I don’t have to worry about running out of juice anymore!
*It did take a very long time to come, though. I placed my order on 10th June and it only shipped out on 20th June (and arrived at my place on the 22nd), when the stated estimated shipping time was much shorter than that. The sellers, at least, politely messaged us to say that it was due to overwhelming orders and they had to order a new shipment. Still, that message only came on the 19th, when I had already waited for nine days and which, in the meanwhile, I’d come across a few deals on Qoo10 that were even better (albeit marginally). Still, I’m just happy that I finally got it and that it’s working fine!

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