Sony NEX-F3D unboxing.

Ever since I saw the original Olympus PEN series (and the snazzy-looking Sony NEX series that popped up later), a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC) has held great appeal for me. I mean, near-DSLR quality shots but with more compact, lighter and more aesthetically-pleasing bodies? The only thing that held me back was the cost (most of them cost more than entry-level DSLRs!).
Still, when Sony came out with their newest offering, a follow-up to their acclaimed NEX-3 line, my inner casual-and-not-that-great photographer was stirred. Reviews said that the F3D, while not revolutionary, is the new best in a very solid line of ILCs and it was easy on the eyes and had a 180° swivel screen (a surprisingly rare feature in this range of cameras) for all those selfie moments. After securing a partial sponsorship from my dad as an advanced birthday gift, I did my research, found one of the cheapest shops, reserved a unit and headed down (to Ang Mo Kio, no less!) to snag it before I changed my mind.
And so, here it is!
The box that the set came in.
Opening it. Exciting!
The assorted wires and chargers that came with it.
The camera in question. With the 18-55mm zoom lens (which has been amazing for zoom and macro shots, at least according to my noobish skills)
From another view.
The back view of the camera, with that swivel screen.
The 16mm lens that came with it. It’s smaller and more compact, but I don’t seem to be able to do much with it.
The huge, official bag that came from Sony. It’s a bit of a clunker, though, so I’m hoping to get a replacement for it, soon, too.
In total, I got the entire set (including a 16gb Sony memory stick, the bag, a lens guidebook and photography course) for S$1100 (the usual retail price is S$1099) from MS Color Pte Ltd. Pretty good value, I’d say (although the lens guidebook turned out to be some freebie-looking pamphlet and registering for the photography course was such a hoot I gave up).

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