The night we had pancakes.

Whew, after so many weeks of hustle and bustle, we’re finally more or less settled in with the move. All the major work is done, big furniture are in and most of the teething problems have been more or less evened out (plus, this is the first entry I’m churning out on my brand new, really fat but really powerful computer!).

So, in the next few days (or, more realistically less ambitiously, weeks), you’ll be swarmed with a deluge of posts (as you can tell, I’m a huge fan of unceremoniously mixing my metaphors) dammed up from the past few weeks, because you know you’ve missed me.

All the way back in mid-June, I met up with the rest of Jurong Gang, which was a monumental feat considering how busy everyone (except me) seemed to be.
Met up with Shin and Wei Jian first because Dr. Meng was stuck with being a doctor and was late. We headed down to the famous Rochor beancurd stall for some tau hway (which I still think is overrated) and a single fritter. For some reason, we ended up in a decrepit back alley table. 
A more detailed view of the back alley. Very ghetto.
After a detailed discussion about phones (i.e. they were bashing my HTC, part 1), Aaron finally arrived and we headed to Strictly Pancakes, which we didn’t really like the last time and which, naturally, would end up being the first thing that came to mind when we were brainstorming for food places.
The apologetic doctor.
Shin, deciding on what she wants posing for the camera.
Only Aaron would examine the menu like it’s some kind of X-Ray chart thingy (also, as you can see, my medical terminology is up there).
What dinner between friends is complete without random, anti-social checking of phones?
Of course, we still took time for our friends (and posing for photos).
Shin and Aaron with their huge platters of pancakes.
My banana pancake with ice cream thing.
I…think this was eggs benedict? See, kids, this is why you don’t blog about something more than a month after the event.
After that, we headed to Loof for some drinks, chit chat (i.e. they were bashing my HTC, part 2) and chilling (which is a total misnomer, because it was so hot my sweat glands were sweating). This, alas, was the only decent shot from the light-deprived pub. This, and this…
My “fortune” from a fortune cookie. Which Aaron also got. And which was the slogan for the place. 
Still, seeing as I’m out of content for this post, this random, not-really-relevant-to-anything slip is as good a closer as anything. Till next post!

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