When everyone graduated. Except me.

July is a month that is usually a big thing for me because it’s my birthday month (and, judging from the past few years, also inexplicably the period when my family likes to shift houses). For the past two years, however, it has also been a pretty exciting for my friends since it’s NUS commencement (i.e. graduation) time.

Just like last year, I paid some of my friends a visit at their commencement, only this year I actually went down on my birthday because I’m awesome like that.

First up was the CNM commencement, and Marcus and I headed down to grab a (very quick) pic with Melissa, who’s probably the oldest friend that we’ve made in NUS.

Also managed to (somehow) find Adeline, my awesome colleague, amidst the sea of blue (after a few SMSes, of course).

With the rest of the girls from my company, including Eunice, who was graduating later that day.

The afternoon brought with it the psychology commencements, including with best bud Xiang Wei, the afore-mentioned Eunice and a whole host of other people I didn’t manage to snag in time.

Marcus being Marcus (i.e. the male Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. i.e. Male-nica.), refusing to let XW graduate with a creased gown.

Me and the man of the hour.

Finally, night time brought Jasmine and the EL commencement (according to her, it was the commencement for all the random little departments in FASS).

Jasmine, me and Joey, who kept me waiting for an hour before she arrived.

Obviously, weird things were said. Probably by me.

Finally, after having spent my 25th hanging around school (without even graduating myself!), I headed off to dine with XW at some fancy-schmanzy Italian joint at Rail Mall, the review and pictures for which will be out in a later post.


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