iTouch, iPay: A Timeline

Warning: contains pictures of technology that might arouse desire. NSFW, if your work place hates awesome new gadgets. Also, hippie filters.

Pre-16th May 2012 period

After weeks of overthinking, I decided to give Android phones a try and switch over from my iPhone 4 to the new (at that time) and well-reviewed HTC One X.

16th May 2012

It arrived.

A few days later…

Cleared up my iPhone and sold it off.

Also, I realised that, as customizable as Android was, I missed the iOS apps. No camera app I could find on Android was anywhere near as good as Camera+ and the games felt so much more polished on iOS.

Thankfully, I had my iPod Touch and iPad as substitutes, though neither were perfect (the iPod Touch didn’t have 3G capability for on-the-go Instagramming, the iPad was heavy as heck, and neither had a camera).

15th June 2012


My iPod Touch suddenly died! Tried all means to resuscitate it but I was ultimately unsuccessful.



Even tried the freezer method, ok (although admittedly that was only done weeks later so…yeah, not so smart)!

Over the next few months…

As rumours of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini intensified, I hoped for a new iPod Touch. Although I was also set on either getting an iPad Mini or a New iPad (which is another debate for another blog post in the future), I also knew that I wanted a hand-hold-able iOS device.

I wanted something that could use iOS apps without me having to hold it with two hands; that could take photos without me looking like a ridiculous fool; and that could act as my mp3 player/gaming device (which my phone was acting as but which reduced its battery life to about five hours. I’m not kidding).


4th September 2012


Apple announced that it would be having an announcement session (announception?) and, if you look clearly at the above ad, it’s pretty obvious what they were going to be bringing out. At the same time, I was hoping that they would bring out the new line of iPods as well, since the iPad Mini was rumoured to only be announced in October.

10th September 2012


There were rumours that the iPod line, which had been largely ignored in the whole hullabaloo, would be announced too. Quite tempted to get one but wanting to practise some prudent judgment, I came up with the criteria that the new iPod must meet if I was going to get one.

It had to:

  1. Have a retina screen: this one isn’t too difficult to fulfil since the current one already had one but I just wanted to be sure
  2. Have a camera that’s as good as the iPhone 4’s, at least: since I was going to be using it for the awesome iOS camera apps, it had to have a pretty good camera, of course. This one was a bit of a leap of faith as the camera has never been a big selling even in the most updated iPod Touches and it didn’t seem like something Apple would bother about (or that they might even view as something to keep lousy so as not to threaten the iPhone). Still, there were rumours that the iTouches would be updated to be similar to the iPhones and I held out hope.
  3. Be priced below S$400 for the 32gb version: again, this was a leap of faith as the 32gb iTouches have traditionally always been at a set price above S$400. Still, there were rumours going around that since the iPad Mini was to be priced economically, the iTouches would then have to proportionately drop in price as well.

12th September 2012

Apple announced the iPhone 5 and the world exploded (mostly with indignant rage or, quite inexplicably, effusive boredom). At the same time, they also announced the iPod Touch and, lo and behold, it was almost universal praised (by many a tech blog, because they’re all that matter, of course) for its huge jump in specifications. In fact, I’d wager that it got more positive press than the iPhone 5 and several writers even predicted a tough, cannibalising fight between the two now.


The new line of iPod Touches!

Amazingly, it met all my criteria! Even the ones I didn’t think would happen!

The new iTouch comes with a 4-inch multi-touch IPS Retina screen (just like the iPhone 5), an A5 processor (not as powerful as the new iPhone’s A6 but comparable to the iPhone 4), has a camera that is almost on par with the iPhone 5’s, save for the megapixel count, (and is definitely as, or more powerful, than the iPhone 4’s in terms of megapixel count, aperture, filters and HD video recording capacity) and and and…

it would only be going for S$398! Which is S$2 under my maximum allowed price! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is (don’t say).

Plus, it comes with iOS 6 (and Siri), different colours which even the iPhone doesn’t have (although I’m not really a fan of any of them except the black) and, quite randomly but cutely, a wrist strap touch loop.


Of course…this finally leads to the main point of this post, which is…

17th September 2012

Untitled-1 copy

The purchase!

Annoyingly, though, it only ships in October (and it doesn’t even have an actual specific date). Still, I’d be eagerly awaiting it. Excited!

ps. I must clarify, since several friends brought this up, that I am actually not an Apple fanboy who would lap up anything they sell, despite what it might look like. I just buy whatever I think is the gadget in a certain line/type/genre that might suit me best and, in many cases, this turns out to be an Apple product (probably because I’m into user interface and polished, if somewhat superfluous, design elements rather than raw specifications and customizability).

I’m not one of those staunch fanboys who’d stand by even their worst decisions or insist that Apple products are the best, bar none. I readily acknowledge that different gadgets and designs suit different people and that the Samsung S3, for example, isn’t better or worse than an iPhone, just different. I think any gadget is a good gadget, so long as they satisfy the person using them. So, don’t start a flame war!


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