Goodbye, Mr. Ishak.

I’ve finally come to the tail end of the hectic week-and-a-half that I yakked about in my previous post. True, there’s still plenty of things to do this week (starting on my research project for next semester, preparing for the graduation ceremony this Sunday at children’s church) but at least I get a breather now.

And what was one of the ways in which I exercised that freedom to draw breath? A shopping spree. Now, normally when I head out with an agenda/shopping list for the day, I never ever end up finding anything I like. Yesterday, I found several.


Firstly, I went to get my multi-SIM activated, now that I’m out of reservice and can get to use it. I know that this isn’t strictly an item that I bought on a spree but, hey, money was spent all the same.

Thankfully, the queue time was much shorter than expected, the service itself activated after ten minutes and now I can look forward to on-the-go not-so-Tiny Farming, Sims Freeplay and catching up on TWoP recaps without the bothersome process of hotspotting!


Ever since I got my iPad Mini (and the Smart Cover), I’ve been searching for a decent smart-cover-compatible backing that looks nice, has a good feel and doesn’t break my bank. Till yesterday, I didn’t even know whether such a thing existed.

All the ones that I had found (even the more legit-looking third-party offerings sold in Apple stores) were either too plasticky, hard, thick or expensive (some were plasticky and cheap-looking and expensive).

I popped into every single IT accessory shop at Vivocity and, on the very last one (because it just HAS to be that dramatic), I finally found what I’ve been looking for, hidden in a nook at one corner of a Singtel retailer.

It’s thin and light, has a nice matt texture (which is actually pretty similar to the actual Mini’s) and wasn’t too expensive (S$35, compared to the others which went up to S$50).


Over the past few months, I’ve been feverishly looking at Eastpak and Herschel bags, because I wanted a decent backpack to replace the one I had (which had a failing zip that popped open when I packed too many things into it). However, they were always too expensive considering their basic designs (Eastpak) or looked nice but just felt a bit off in some way or other (Herschel).

On a totally separate note, I’ve always wanted to get some clothes from Superdry but never could afford them.

Yesterday, while pessimistically blowing through Tangs (because goodness knows I’ve never found anything there that I liked and could afford), I saw that Superdry had a series of backpacks that not only looked pretty nice (on par with, or even better than, Eastpak’s) but were also significantly cheaper (S$89, compared to the ~S$130 of the other two brands)! In fact, that’s the same price as one of their tees.

So, after a brief but intense selection process where I sent out pictures of the three available colours (red/brown; black; grey/red) to Wei Jian and Jasmine and made Xiang Wei, who was with me, examine it a quadrillion times over, I finally made my choice. While I liked the black and grey ones as well, the former was too similar to my existing bag and the latter had a green Union Jack logo for some reason so I picked the red one, which I think looks more mature and is a colour of bag that I haven’t had yet.

I was also looking for a diary/organiser for 2013 (the ones I’ve seen this one are disappointingly far from my specific criteria, despite the fact that I’ve gone to more bookstores than usual) and almost bought the Moleskin one I came across in Tangs. It fit my criteria in every way but is so expensive.

Still, if I can’t find one I really like in the next few days, I’m going to just take the plunge and get that one. I’ve always wanted a Moleskin, too.

Tomorrow: a much-needed pedicure in the morning, work in the afternoon, and dinner/MtG with Wei Jian in the evening. This is where the holiday really begins!


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