Looking back at 2012 #1: The Year of…

[Warning: no photos ahead. Didn’t do a good job this year of chronicling most of these events, which is ironic considering a superpowered camera features into the highlights of the year, and most of the existing photos are on Instagram, which I can’t save off of.]

In my wrap up of 2011, I had said that the year hadn’t initially felt particularly interesting but had turned out to harbour quite a few highlights. 2012 was no different.

On the surface, 2012 was a year without much changes or big events in my life. I was still in trudging through university life, still doing the same part-time job and even my responsibilities in church were pretty much the same. Despite that, however, there were several things that defined 2012 for me.

2012 was…

The Year of the Job Promotion

Although I technically had the same job as I did in 2011, I finally decided to take my trainee promotion test and, upon passing it, became an officially certified behavioural therapist! This was actually pretty big as not only did I get a significant pay raise, I could also now add this to my resume without the “trainee” label spoiling it!

The Year of the Hospital

Between both my paternal grandparents getting warded (repeatedly) and my mum’s little stint in the hospital, I’ve visited the hospitals (especially NUH) more times this year than the past five years combined and more than I care for. In fact, my grandma just got warded again and I spent half of this afternoon there.

Although I will be starting 2013 there again, since I’m visiting her again tomorrow, I’m praying that everyone will enjoy good health after this and I can stay as far away from the hospitals as I can.

The Year of the House Move (Again)

Having moved twice in the past three years and feeling like some modern-day gypsy, my family and I finally moved (for what hopefully is the last time) to our current place. Having spent the last two years in a rented unit, it’s nice to have somewhere to call one’s own (or, in my case, one’s parents’ own), even if it’s not the most accessible of places.

The Year of the Technological Explosion (i.e. The Year I Got Poor)

A pay raise meant more disposable income, which of course meant that I prompted got down to disposing of it,  satisfying the gadget freak in me by getting a HTC One X (which I swiftly sold off once I realised how terrible its battery life was), a Blackberry Bold 9900 (as a backup phone for army), a Sony NEX-F3D (which thankfully was sponsored by my dad), a Kindle Paperwhite, an iPod Touch 5th Gen, and an iPad Mini.

I feel poor even typing that sentence.

The wallet haemorrhage didn’t stop there. Over the year, I’ve bought two pairs of boat shoes (which aren’t the cheapest around), sneakers, a holdall, a backpack and several pieces of clothes. Of course, the biggest moneysuck of the year had to be…

The Year of the Burgeoning Belly

…food. As is evident from my Instagram feed, I’m a pretty voracious eater and while my gastronomical adventures have slimmed my wallet substantially, they have also bloated my stomach proportionately.

Due to a combination of academic stress (the ultimate stroker of snack desire) and annoyingly recurrent sicknesses preventing me from exercising much, I had put on a lot of weight (both visibly and on the scale) in the second half of the year, something which no fewer than six or seven friends and family members have commented on.

This is, of course, a heck of an unhealthy development and I’ll be remedying this ASAP. Well, as soon as the new year comes, at least. I hope.

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