Looking back at 2012 #2: The people who made it special.

While I highlighted several things that helped define my 2012 in my previous post, it is of course a given that the people I came across made it important as well. I might not have made a terrible ton of new friends but this past year was a time of meeting up with old friends. Here are some of the people who made my 2012 (…that I could find photos for in the short time I decided to rush out this post).

[Since my previous entry was all words, I’ll let photos do most of the talking this time round.]


NUS Psych buddies

Xiang Wei, the bestest BFF, who always gets me and who never fails to brighten up my day despite being not as funny as me (I know you’re reading this) and Marcus, the first friend I made in NUS, who’s been through thick and thin with me in psych (and who gives me rides to school so brownie points for that).

The Jurong Gang

Weijian, who has to be the friend not from school that I meet the most, what with all the MtG battling we’ve been doing throughout the year, and Aaron and Shin, whom I didn’t get to see very often but who always made each meeting a hoot.

The cell


Although the cell membership took a drastic hit midway through the way when most of the regulars graduated and formed their own cell, both iterations have had people who have impacted me in so many different ways.

From the steady (Clarence; Yi Hang; Jonathan) to the quirky (Joey; Deborah) to the just plain crazy (Justin; Shannon), my year would definitely not have been the same without any of them.


Given everyone’s vastly different schedules (not to mention countries), it’s amazing that we got to meet the few times that we did and each time has been pretty memorable.

Of course, Kim got married as well so that was pretty huge and awesome!

Children’s church

It is often said that those who interact with children are often quite childlike themselves and this is nowhere more evident than in the children church teachers. From Jasmine Whinehouse (tm Songern) to steady bom pi pi Soo Wei to drama king Songern, this bunch of teachers always make me feel like a child again, and not just because I play Pokemon.

Of course, there are the actual children I had the privilege of working with. While I was technically their teacher, I have to drag out a cliché here and say that I think they taught me as much as I taught them.



Our meetings, while not often, are loud (sometimes embarrassingly so) and I’m pretty sure my sides split a few times along the way. This year in particular has been particularly exciting and regaling, what with Gail’s tales of paramedication (paramedicating?) and Grace’s fury unleashed.

The colleagues

I think one of the things that make or break your workplace are your colleagues and thankfully, I got a pretty awesome bunch of them around. From our one awesome K session to monthly suppers after meetings, I’m so glad I have fun colleagues around who make the solitary nature of my job less frightening.

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list of the people who have impacted my life in some way or other this year. The entire list would probably take the rest of 2013 to churn out. If I’ve missed you out, don’t worry! It just means I couldn’t find a decent picture of us together in the 20minutes that I trawled through Facebook. We just need to take more pictures next time!


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