Looking forward to 2013.

Looking back at 2012, I really thank God for bringing me through all the different changes and events that happened throughout the year. I’m not one for change and it’s only by God’s grace (and the people that He provided to support and guide me) that I made it through the year unscathed.

This coming year looks to way more hectic and full of change and, while I’m looking forward to the changes, I’m a little afraid as well. Some of the things I’m really praying pretty hard about:

  1. This coming semester is going to be really packed. Having dropped my thesis, I now have to overload on modules to graduate in time, which means I’ll be doing three honours modules (which I’m scared I won’t have enough points to bid for), a full research paper and a breadth module, which is much heavier than the previous semester and a load I’ve never taken before.
  2. While my children’s church responsibilities remain the same (hopefully), my cell has now multiplied and split and I am now the sole leader in charge of a cell full of brand new (and very young) members. The responsibilities of taking on a cell by myself, not to mention having to figure out the dynamics (and remember faces and names, which I’m terrible at) of a whole bunch of new people is daunting, especially considering my school schedule.
  3. Masters applications: ‘nuff said.

Still, I’m sure that with God’s providence and support from all those around me, I’m going to be able to pull through all these just fine.

I think last year’s goal/resolution system worked pretty well so I’m going to follow the same system for this year and bring over some of them:

1. Read at least 35 books
2. Save at least S$4500
3. Pass my IPPT
4. Graduate with second upper honours
6. Run in at least two 10km race
7. Bring at least two non-/pre-believing friends to church/a church event
8. Finish masters application and submit in time
9. Join a gym

1. Do Quiet Time every single day, circumstances allowing
2. Go for a church service every single week, circumstances allowing
3. Go for cell group every single week, circumstances allowing
4. Go for Children’s Church every single week (even weeks I’m not serving), circumstances allowing
5. Exercise at least three times a week (at least 45 minutes each time)
6. Eat fried/fast food at most twice a month

Unquantifiable general things to work on
1. Watch my anger and make sure that I walk away from situations and things that might anger me, and avoid reacting impulsively; also, to watch my words and think before I speak
2. To act/react with love and kindness to every single person that comes my way
3. To make sure that the way I live my life is a good living testimony
4. To make sure that my behaviour in private is congruent with my behaviour in public
5. To practice sound financial planning and control and to not spend impulsively
6. To stop coveting and be content with whatever I have
7. To eat healthily and in moderation
8. To stabilise the new cell and raise leaders before I leave


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