Pokémon X and Y spoiled – new game for a new year.

A couple of days back, it was announced that there would be big Pokémon news coming, sparking rumours of R/S/E remakes (I’m not sure why everyone is so keen on this since, if I remember correctly, that generation was kinda lambasted by most) or possible spin offs.


At the anointed hour, in a live stream (that I so wanted to catch but forgot to), Nintendo head Saturo Iwata announced that there would be a new generation of games!

Pretty epic, eh?

For those too lazy to watch the awesomeness that is the above trailer, here are the cliff notes for the upcoming release:

  • Ditching the colours/minerals format, the new games will be called Pokémon X and Y…
  • …which apparently stand for the new legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal (more on that below)
  • They’re also ditching the traditional 2D top-down view and going for the full 3D experience (with what appears to be more interactive environments)
  • Of course, this series will come with a brand new region (and presumably new Pokémon)
  • For the first time in history, the game will have a simultaneous release worldwide in October
  • It will be the first 3DS-exclusive Pokémon game so it’s time we all get one

While the video has polarised fans and viewers (as has every preview video of every generation, actually), I’m actually really excited about this one! While the graphics don’t actually look all that different from the previous generation (and the one before it. And the one before it), it’s still looking pretty good and, hey, Pokémon has never really been about the graphics.


Firstly, the starters are as a whole more immediately striking this generation than in the last one. Although I do think that they look a little fan-drawn, the overall designs are pretty cool.


Froakie: as a self-proclaimed water user, I’ve always used the water starter, at least on the first playthrough, although I’ve never really actually liked most of the water starters all that much (and as a whole, the type has been really disappointing in recent generations, which I hope will be remedied with this one). Although I think the Poliwag family is cuter, Froakie actually does look pretty decent and I’m pretty excited to use him. At least he’s not Oshawotttheheckisthat.

Chespin: I have no idea what he/she is actually to be but ohmygosh it’s wearing a beanie. That’s cute.

Fennekin: finally, a non-Fire/Fighting dual type fire starter (presumably)! I think this is the starter that has everyone the most excited this time round and if I wasn’t stuck in my inexplicable gotta-use-water-starters rule I’d so be using this. I mean, Vulpix 2.0 be lookin’ fierce, y’all!


They might have the hardest names to pronounce in the history of names ever but I really really really like the legendaries this time round, especially considering the snoozefest that was the last few sets.


Yveltal (pronounced ee-VELL-tall, according to The Pokémon Company): this one is totally totally awesome. One of the coolest legendaries design I’ve seen in just about ever. I’m getting whichever version has this as the exclusive.

Legendaries (2)

Xerneas (ZURR-nee-us): while I personally prefer Eevel Yev Big Bird, I think X Man here looks really cool as well, sorta’ like a really fabulous Verizon.

Don’t you think that the bird looks more like a Xerneas (although, ok, it IS literally in the shape of a Y) and the deer looks like a Yveltal? Also, I’m not sure if the poor kids (who I assume are still the target audience of this game) would be able to pronounce or even try pronouncing these tongue twisters.

Overall, I’m really excited for this series (although I haven’t even started on BW2 yet)!

I’m just hoping that, not only will Nintendo release a lite version of the 3DS by October (I mean, wasn’t the DS Lite the one responsible for the whole DS-explosion? Why on earth did they release an XL version first?!), but that the 3DS’ library would contain some AAA titles by then.

I mean, Pokémon is an awesome system seller, but I’d want a device I pay hundreds for to be able to play more than just that. So far, though, there aren’t even three other games I would actually part money with for (as compared to the slightly better library of the Vita, which is swiftly rising in my wishlist).

So, what are your thoughts on Pokémon X and Y? Would you be getting it come October?

Pictures from here.


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