Chinese New Year came early! (Part 1)

My mother’s side of the family usually has reunion dinner (or, in our case, lunch) a week earlier than usual as my aunt has to return to Malaysia with her husband during the CNY period and this year was no exception.

Other than a good time of chatting and family bonding, it was also, of course, a time of pigging out on the delectable dishes that my grandma and her domestic helper (an insanely excellent chef) came up with. Since it’s mostly food and people, I’ll let the photos do the talking…

First up is, well, not food (not usually, at least ;p). Here’s me in my reunion lunch best, putting my camera to good use. What you can’t see from this photo is the cute pair of slippers I got from my grandma who, if you can remember, has a penchant for cute slippers.

The cute slippers in question.

Me again, this time with the slippers. Hey, I’m working the fiercely eclectic look, ok?

The weather that day (and for this past week) was gloomy and it began pouring as we were preparing for lunch, which made for a really nice cosy atmosphere.

Grandma and the cousins preparing a topshell appetizer dish for everyone to chew on while the main dishes were being prepared.

Guess the chilli got into her eye.

The food, all sumptuously laid out! The ingredients in the plate nearest to…you…are the ingredients for the veggie wrap (the wrappers for which are on the two further edges), something I haven’t seen done anywhere else yet.

Salted chicken.

Amazing cereal prawn that has been shelled (deshelled?)!

Ingredients for the wrap

Abalone and some other shellfish – more ingredients for the wrap.

My grandma’s vegetarian dish – by far my favourite of any of her dishes (and that’s saying something). This is what I look forward to every Chinese New Year!

Uncles tech-ing out.

My auntie and I.

The un- actually pretty-sung heroine behind the scenes who whipped up most of that feast (and did all the cleaning up after).

Grandma and aunt looking on as my poor cousin slaves away at her homework after the lunch.

Selfie with oldest cousin (well, compared to the others) Rebecca.

It was an awesome time of fun, family and food calories. Following that, my mum and I headed off to the hospital to visit my paternal granddad who was warded for stomach problems and after that, I headed to town to meet up with the BBBHBs. More on that in part 2!


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