Chinese New Year came early! (Part 2)

Warning: huge load of photos ahead!

Following the girth-stretching reunion lunch at my gram’s and visiting my granddad at the hospital, I headed to town to meet Yu Fen, Rhonda and Adelene, who just came back from Melbourne for the CNY period.

Went to Uniqlo and, in a desperate bid to start/finish my CNY shopping, I just picked out whatever tops I liked, tried them on and bought those that fit. Spent quite a bit but, hey, it’s awesome Uniqlo and I finally got my shopping done. No more clothes shopping for a year!

Bounty for the night – four shirts costing about S$150 in total.

After that, we headed down to Gardens by the Bay on impulse.

The Avatar-ish tree thingies.

MBS gleaming in the background, along with more Avatar-ish trees.

First touristy photo of the night. Pretty nice, actually, although it was blurry.

Less blurry touristy shots!

Alien trees galore!

This floating baby statue was so huge and totally freaked me out.

Our first test shot at the entrance. Which was…dark.

Used my camera’s in-built flash for the very first time.

Following this, we headed to Holland Village’s Xin Wang for supper and to meet up with Wai Lreng (who, sadly, wasn’t in any photos we took later.

The insanely huge peanut butter toast we had, which was literally as big as Adel’s head.

And, on that buttery, fattening note, I got my pre-CNY festivities done. Done, that is, except for my other reunion dinner later in the week (and later on this blog).


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