Akan datang.

Hey, just like that, I’ve been away from this blog for a grossly inexcusable amount of time again. in my defence, school’s been insane. Still, once I’m done with the current project (which is still going to take a while more), I’ll be back with a whole slew of updates, including:

  • My long overdue Google LG Nexus 4 review
  • A few reviews of eating places
  • Posts on social gatherings I inexplicably managed to attend despite the insane of my assignment load in the past few weeks
  • Maybe even a book review or two
  • A Pokemon post!

For now, here’s a random flashback from the 90s, a incredibly beautiful, harmonious rendition of an N’Sync N Sync Justin Timberlake’s band’s song that I always thought was nice, if a tad overrated. Can’t rate this version highly enough, though. And I always thought JC was the best singer of the bunch.



How have I never known Richard Marx wrote it?!


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