Yesterday, the Pokémon world was set ablaze again with the new trailer for Pokémon X/Y on the Japanese Pokémon variety show Pokémon Smash (which, by the way, we should all totally have access to, subbed) and following the pretty huge bombshell of a new Eeveelution comes an even bigger, equally nostalgic surprise!

Although there hasn’t been an official name released for it yet, everyone’s been calling it, quite appropriately, Mewthree, given its clear physical and colour palette similarities to the original two Mews (not to mention its wide array of attack types).

While I’m not actually that big a fan of Mewtwo’s design (and I’m more excited about a new Eevee, although not Sylveon because whatonearthisthat), I think this one looks pretty decent. Also, it’s pretty cool that Nintendo and Game Freak are throwing the older fanboys a bone. I mean, I’m definitely not one of those genwunners who scoff at anything post RBY (because goodness knows almost my entire all-stars team is made of later gen stuff) but I’m a pretty big fan of nostalgia.

Lastly, Cloyster love!


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