I’ve always wanted a dressy pair of shoes from Pedro because who doesn’t want to look like a GQ model (from the feet down)? Till now, however, I’ve never had any reason to justify getting a pair since it is a Universal Law that college students do not wear anything other than flipflops and, even though I’ve now graduated, I’m working in a job where said flipflops are still my footwear of choice.

Still, thanks to an event that I had to attend and which I found out the day before I was due to attend that it required office-range clothes (the horror!), I trooped down to Pedro to finally get a pair.


I literally chose this in less than five minutes because every pair there looked the same I’m fashion impaired I’m just that stylish.


How I looked on that day. Look at me, all classy, with my striped shirt, pants, new shoes and Superdry backpack, which I’m pretty sure is something I have that GQ models don’t and they totally wish they did.

Amazingly, it has been half a week since I’ve bought the pair and I still don’t regret getting that model at all, which must be some kind of record for my impulsive buys. It’s comfy, fits just nice, and is still the most decent looking one I’ve seen since.

Of course, I just wish I didn’t have to buy it four days before the Great Singapore Sale officially starts and where it would most probably be marked down several dollars. And I wish they still stocked this pair that I saw a few months ago that I really liked so that I didn’t have to buy a random pair. Of course, it could well be that, given how all the models look similar, this could be that pair I liked.

Still, with these shoes, at least now I can finally dress smart casual for events that require it, rather than going all “smart casual? The sneakers are the casual and I’m the smart” on everyone.


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