Words (and Laughter and Fun and Food) with Friends Part 1: The Jurong Gang – 230513.

Meeting up with The Jurong Gang (i.e. my group of awesome lower sec classmates/CCA mates thus named, well, we all stayed in Jurong, within a ten minute walk from each other. Hey, we weren’t all wordsmiths then.) is always fun and this time round it was – surprise surprise – no exception.

We headed down to one of those hotel restaurant buffets because, cheapos discount-addicted true blue Singaporeans that we are, we heard that there was a one-for-one discount there on one of our credit cards.

Tucked away on the lift-access-only fourth floor of Gallery Hotel, which itself is tucked away into an incredibly obscure nook in Robertson Quay in what I assume is some kind of weird hating on map-challenged folks, Zenden offers an intercontinental buffet, despite its Japanese-esque name. Well, it’s intercontinental in that there’s, like, one dish from each continent.

The food, while of decent quality, is pretty standard fare and very disappointingly limited. I was taken back by the size (or lack thereof) of the buffet section and had initially thought there was some other section that was hidden behind a wall or something. It’s just a couple of local-style dishes (i.e. fillers), a sushi/sashimi section that had a perpetual queue and a dessert table that, while large in size, didn’t actually offer up anything interesting.

The selection is the smallest and most pedestrian tasting of any such buffets I’ve been to and definitely wouldn’t be worth its normal price. Actually, it wasn’t even really worth the one-for-one price we paid (about S$25 each), although I did gorge myself on so much salmon sashimi that I’m pretty sure I had some Jersey Shore level orange look going for a while.

Still, meetings are always about the company (and if it isn’t for you, I think it’s time to relook your choices), and this more than made up for the lacklustre food.

Doing our best Coco Rocha impressions on the couch outside the restaurant.

Zenden Restaurant
1 Nanson Road
4/F The Gallery Hotel
Tel: 68498699
Opening hours (daily): 7-11am, 12-2.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm

Following that, we made the unfortunate decision of walking around Clarke Quay on a holiday eve before finally, drenched in perspiration, deciding on chilling at Cafe Iguana, where the margaritas and free flow nachos we had proved a much better treat for our stomachs.

Wei Jian working that…whatever that thing on his head is.

Trying to out-smize each other, to hilarious and kinda-crazed effects.

We also spent the whole time playing an awesome game on the iPad which left us speechless with laughter several times. Once, I actually furrealz dry-heaved before I was laughing too hard. What app is that? Stay tuned to this blog for an entire post on it soon.

Cafe Iguana
30 Merchant Road
#01-03 Riverside Point
Tel: 62361275
Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs: 4pm-1am
Fri/PH Eve: 4pm-3am
Sat: 12pm-3am
Sun: 12pm-1am

Oh! And then the most exciting thing happened! After collaging our series of shots from above and tweeting/Instagramming it, guess who favorited it!


Exciting much?


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