From blinds to curtains (not a euphemism).

Since I moved into my current place, I’ve had these sterile looking blinds which, while functional, were also kinda boring, hard to draw up, noisy when they whacked against the windows, and had this annoying gap in between.

It’s that way for the rest of the house too. So, today, my mum arranged for a curtains fella to come over to change them into more cosy, lived-in looking curtains and this is the result for my room…

It doesn’t look that way in the photo (thanks to my cruddy interior-decor photo-taking skills) but, in real life, because they are so large and looming (and because they’re sexy black), the curtains make the whole room feel like some seedy backroom where I keep my fifteen mistresses.

I guess nothing signifies graduation like going from a college dorm feel to a faux brothel. I feel so adult now.

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