Techcitement #2: Nintendo E3.

In an attempt to needlessly torture geeks and gamers worldwide, apparently, E3 happens to sometimes fall on the same day as WWDC, as it did this year. Thankfully, while everyone was busy being conflicted about iOS 7 while also having to grapple with the epic PS4 vs. XBox One fight (which has resulted in gems like this), the main segment of E3 I was waiting for took place the day after WWDC.

As the rumours had it, there is a new type in Pokémon X/Y and it’s the Fairy type! I’m not really a fan of the name, though. It’s a bit too…cutesy (although yes, this game is primarily marketed at kids so who am I to complain). I just wish it was something like Light, which would provide a nice contrast to Dark.

Still, it’s quite exciting, especially with the retro-fitting of existing Pokémon (although the preview only showed four, I assume there are more that will have this new type, notably Clefairy which, y’know, has the freaking type in its name).

The video also shows new Pokes, including this awesome new bat that looks absolutely crazy. Want it.

Also: Nintendokémon.

Nintendo also previewed Super Smash Bros. for both their consoles:

It’s about time the series came to the handhelds! Although Mario and Zelda are quality titles, this is the one title (other than Pokémon, of course) that would get me seriously considering getting the system.

Between these two games, perhaps it’s finally time Nintendo get some 3DS units sold. Or, hopefully, come out with the 3DS Lite (although knowing them, they’ll probably use Pokémon  to clear out existing stock of the 3DS Phat before coming out with the slimmed-down update).


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