5 things you can do at home in the haze.

For the past week, the haze in Singapore has been pretty insane due to the fires going on in Sumatra. In fact, the PSI record was shattered (several times) these few days and the health advisories have, well, advised us to stay in shelter, close our windows and turn on our air-conditioners.

Now, I’m someone who has absolutely no problem with entertaining myself at home (because every post needs that double entredre), but I often hear people complaining about having nothing to do at home. So, since many of us will be stuck in our homes these next few days for the most part (other than those who work or, y’know, go out to shopping centres and stuff), here’re some possible activities.

1. Consume entertainment
Catch up on that TV series or game that you’ve been complaining about having no time to try (with all this haze, it might be a good idea to give Game of Thrones or Silent Hill a whirl). Read that book you haven’t dared to touch (in keeping with the theme, I’d say try the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. It’s AMAZING. And not just because it makes you want to go out in the mist and jump around buildings in dark cloaks).

If nothing interests you, consume food instead. That always works.

2. Produce entertainment
For all the aspiring writers/Youtube singers/actors/whatevernots who have found their free play time curtailed by things like, y’know, actually having a social life and stuff, here’s your time to try it out! You have a nice, cosy, air-conditioned environment, plenty of water around to keep you hydrated (as the advisories say you should) and lots of time now that you can’t head out to saunter the streets at night.

Even if you aren’t the next Whitney and you don’t plan to upload your video online to catapult you to superstardom, hey, the haze makes for good imaginary dramatic effect for that concert performance you always throw in your room, right?

3. Enjoy a romantic dinner
Speaking of dramatic effect, seeing as it’s all hazy and swirly outside, have a little candlelight with your loved one/s (although I’d suggest laying off the actual candles. I mean, who needs more smoke, right?). I mean, when life gives you lemons haze, right? It’s also a good time for you to try out new recipes that you haven’t had time to and, if it turns out crappy, you can always blame it on the haze. (Note: You can always blame anything on the haze).

4. Actually, y’know, interact with your family members
Now that everyone is trapped gathered back at home, it’s a good time to catch up with them. Let them know how you’re doing. Find out how they’re doing. I mean, at the very least, you can find out if your annoying little sister is actually still in primary school like you’ve assumed for the last five years, right?

5. Exercise
Who says you can only exercise outside! (Well, no one says that, probably, but just go with it) As long as you have your windows closed and air-con on, you can pretend your room is a mini gym and work out to your heart’s content without fear of people judging how much your calves jiggle when you jog at the gym. For those who don’t have equipment at home or don’t know what to do, there’s always the equipment-free 7-minute workout. Or, y’know, you can finally, actually do some of that housework that you keep promising your mum you’d do but are always conveniently not around when it needs to be done.

Seeing as I’m going to be grounded at home next week due to having to recover from an operation (being the timely, relevant person I am, the operation I am going for in this haze would of course be a nose/sinus procedure), I’m going to implement some of these myself. What do you plan to do with all the extra time you are going to spend at home?


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