New Pokémon revealed: case of the ambiguous seafood.

These two weeks have been pretty awesome for Pokémon, with new monsters from the upcoming Pokémon X & Y series for the 3DS being revealed in CoroCoro (which is totally the awesomest magazine around, if only just for such stuff) as well as the official Pokémon Youtube channel:

Firstly, how awesome is it that the Honedge was basically just the head of Game Freak showing us his vacation photos for about eighty-five minutes?

Secondly, there are several Pokes that I’m pretty excited about.


There’s, of course, Honedge, which I think is the first time I’ve seen a non-animal-based Pokémon garnering such unanimous excitement and positive vibes across the interwebz (well, at least the channels I usually read). It’s really quite a cool (and decidedly very Japanese-ish) concept, although it totally is just a Zanpakuto. Or, y’know, Excalibur.


Then, there’s Kung Fu Panda, which is actually a pretty bad-ass looking evolution to Pancham, which has to be one of the cutest Pokémon (of course, the panda being my self-declared spirit animal, I might be a tad biased here). I just wish he was a bit more portly, but he still looks way better than Ursaring and Sinusitis.


There’s also this little fella’. Sadly, I just found out his US name is going to be Spritzee, which is so uncool because his Japanese is Shushup, which is totally the PG-rated Nintendone version of Shuddup.


And lastly, there’s Malamar. Which I at first glance thought was a fabulous penguin. But which turned out to be a fabulous squid. So, basically this:


(Yes yes, I know Ursula is technically a fabulous half-octopus, but until Octillery decides to get its act together, this is the closest I’ll ever get to using this so just go with it.)


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