Finale of Gabriel’s Great Digicam Challenge

In the previous post, I rambled on about detailed possible choices for a compact digicam. After that, I actually went down to try out the different cameras to get a hands-on and I’ve finally come to the conclusion on which one to get!

The Sony RX-100 and Samsung Multiview weren’t actually really in the running anyway because the former is way too expensive for what I’m looking for and the latter apparently doesn’t have very good image quality (although I wouldn’t know because I didn’t find it anywhere. Possibly because it, y’know, hasn’t actually been released anywhere yet). So, the choices were pretty much down to the Samsung EX2F and the Canon Powershot S110.

To recap, these were the plus and minus points of the two:


Samsung EX2F
+Solid, high quality grip and body
+Great macro
+Swivel screen
-Image quality apparently not that great
-Pricier than the Canon one
-Quite big (which kinda defeats the purpose of finding a middle ground between my Sony NEX-F3D and my iPhone)


Canon Powershot S110
+Much smaller and more compact (in fact, it’s almost exactly the same size as my previous Canon Ixus)
+Better image quality than the Samsung
+More affordable
-No swivel screen
-Macro apparently not that great
-Grip not as solid as the EX2F (although it does look pretty nice, still)

Having tried both in the stores, it’s no contest!

The Samsung EX2F feels wonderful, has incredible macro and would probably be my first choice if I didn’t have a powerful camera already but I took out my NEX-F3D to compare the sizes and, except for a slimmer lens, the EX2F and F3D are almost identical in size! Since I’m looking for something much smaller and more compact, this automatically rules it out, amazing as it is.

The Powershot, on the other hand, is significantly smaller (and lighter). It might not have the swivel screen (which I’m really sad about) and the grip is more slippery but the image quality is really pretty decent and the macro shots, based on what I could try in the stores, were actually pretty good too!


So, I guess the winner of the Great Digicam Challenge is the Canon Powershot S110! I’m currently still considering if I should even get a digicam in the first place (since my iPhone is often enough for daily life and, y’know, I’m not made of money) but if I do, this would be the model I go for. It might not be perfect, but it’s the closest to what I want.


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