Mega excited.

A few days back, Game Freak dropped a woozy on the Pokémon community. As can be seen from the video above, there’s a new feature known as the Mega evolution, where certain Pokémon (mega) evolve temporarily during battles when holding special Mega Stone items. These new form(e)s grant them different abilities and, in at least one case, a whole new type!

Although it does feel a tad Digimon-ish to me, I’m quite excited about it, especially since a Mega Evolution apparently turns the Pokémon fabulous. I mean, look at them:

megaabsol megaampharos megablaziken megalucario megamawile

Blaziken and Lucario both look totally amazing and Absol and Ampharos (who gets an extra Dragon type in the process) both get divalicious hair extensions. (I have no idea what’s different about Mawile, though. And can’t be bothered to check because who the heck likes it?) Ampharos, in particular, is rocking that wind in the hair. Also, it has red rubies in its tail!

Oh, and the alternative Mewtwo forme spoiled several weeks back is a Mega forme too. Exciting stuff.

Pictures and information: Serebii

ps. Also in that video? Another electric mouse! It’s totally cuter than Pikachu, too.

pps. Apparently, Mega Kangaskhan has just been spoiled at the Pokémon World Championships. This is awesome! I’m hoping (although it’s highly improbable) that all of them get Mega formes!


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