Gabriel with Friends: dinner with Marcus and Mel – 26/07/13.

While it is not often the case that the first friends you make when in a new school would stay as your best (or even just as friends), I’ve somehow managed to keep in close contact with Marcus and Melissa, whom were the first two people I talked to in my very first tutorial in NUS. And it’s cool that, even though we’ve all graduated and gone on to our own working lives, we still meet up! Met them for dinner after work near the end of July.


What’s an outing without a (inexplicably bloody-eyed) selfie to start the evening off?


We headed to the Soup Restaurant at Suntec City (which was undergoing some pretty massive reconstruction at that time) for some Samsui ginger chicken.


Started off with some lotus roots soup, which was delightfully savoury, with nicely crunchy roots.


We also ordered this egg tofu thing, which I remembered was pretty good as well. The sauce was really tasty and the tofu was done to just the right texture, both with the skin and inside.


Obligatory vegetables (sweet potato leaves, at my request).


The egg fried rice which, like the others, was so good. Fried evenly and just right, with a generous serving of eggs, we almost wolfed the entire plate down before the main star arrived.


The famous Samsui ginger chicken. I was actually a tad disappointed with this. Remembered it being better the last time I was at a Soup Restaurant. That’s not saying it wasn’t any good, though. It was still pretty sumptuous and demolished by us in a couple of minutes.


Us in our various work gear.

Soup Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-122
Suntec City Mall S(038983)
Tel: 6333-9886
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm-10pm
Weekends and PHs: 11:30am-10pm



After that, we headed down to Rochester Mall and tried this little café which boasted (with the help of some media cutouts) the best macarons on the island. And, being a belated birthday treat for me, we celebrated this in true Gabriel fashion: by over-ordering and ending up stuffed beyond belief.


The macarons were not bad, although I’m not sure about them being the best in Singapore (my favourites so far are still the ones from Jones the Grocer). Sadly, this café closed down a week after we went there.


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